The 99th Divorce

Chapter 2270 - The Romance of Youth (2)

Chapter 2270: The Romance of Youth (2)

Gosh, he felt a little sweet.

Li Jianyue was so cute.

Quan Jingyi reached out and patted her gently.

Li Jianyue turned her head and shouted fiercely, “What’s the matter! ”

Quan Jingyi couldn’t help but laugh.

Li Jianyue was like a little cat.

Being laughed at by him, Li Jianyue’s face became even hotter. She shouted, “Explain to them now. We are not in such a relationship they are talking about! Hurry up! ”

Quan Jingyi looked at her red face and raised his eyebrows. He said jokingly,”Why are you blushing? Just let them go, it is enough that we know the truth in our own minds. ”

“But we are not indeed!” Li Jianyue huffed, “Explain now!”

“Alright. ” Quan Jingyi could just follow her and said, “Now you guys have heard that. We are not in the sort of relationship for the moment. ”

“Wow! ”

“Not yet. Does that mean we will be in the future? ”

“Hahahaha, I know, I know. So you are future Mrs Quan. ”

Li Jianyue was so angry that she turned around to beat him. “Why did you say that? ”

“Just give them the explanation. ” Quan Jingyi looked at her. “Don’t you know what it means? ”

Li Jianyue’s heart skipped a beat. She looked at him with her round eyes wide open.

Quan Jingyi came closer and whispered, “You know it. ”

Li Jianyue’s face suddenly turned red. She reached out and pushed him away, shouting, “I don’t know! ”

Quan Jingyi was pushed back and grunted . Then, there seemed to be a hint of a smile on his lips, but soon disappeared, “Alright. Anyway, you will know. ”

Li Jianyue’s heart beat faster.

Behind her was a large group of students cheering. Li Jianyue moved her eyes out through the car window, but she didn’t see anything, since her mind was buzzing.

Quan Jingyi..

Did he mean to confess to her?

But it seems not like that.

He didn’t even say that he liked her.

But it seemed to be the case. The way he looked at her just now, it seemed like he liked her very much.

Li Jianyue kept looking out of the window in a trance. After an amount of time, Quan Jingyi said, “Did your brother know that you have come out to play? ”

Li Jianyue was stunned for a moment, then she nodded. “Yes, he knew. ”

The students in the car had already started to do their own stuff. There were several students studying hard were communicating their answers for the mid-term exam.

But most of the students were laughing at each other.

After making sure that no one was making fun of her and Quan Jingyi, Li Jianyue breathed a sigh of relief.

Quan Jingyi sensed her nervousness. He knew what she thought and quietly leaned closer and whispered, “Does your brother know that I’m here too? ”

Li Jianyue nodded again, but she subconsciously shook her head and said, “I don’t know either, but I have told him that it was a class activity, so he should know that you’re here too. After all, you’re also a member of our class. ”

Quan Jingyi curled his lips. “Well, not necessarily. ”

Li Jianyue looked away and thought for a moment, then she said, “Will Brother Mosen be angry again? ”

It had been half a month since that issue. In the past half a month, in order to not make Li Mosen take umbrage, she kept distance with Quan Jingyi on purpose .

Quan Jingyi seemed to know what was going on, and he had been tactfully not getting close to her during this period of time.

It was the first time she had ever met a situation like today’s.

Quan Jingyi shook his head slightly. “He is too strict with you. Doesn’t he allow you a little free time? “

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